Air R.T.

Air R.T.
Course Code108
Age Limit18 Years
Eligibility 10th Pass
Duration of Course 4 Months
Examination BodyExam conducted by Ministry of Communication ,Govt. of India
Mode of Admission Interview / Merit Basis

Radio communication officer Aeronautical is person who communicates from the base to aircraft and from aircraft to base and generally posted for ground duties.

About the Examinations

The course coaching given by AIRWING AVIATION ACADEMY and the WPC (Wireless Planning and coordination) wing of the Ministry of Communication, Government of India conducts this examination and issue the RTR (A) License in India .

The RTR (Aeronautical) exam consists of following two parts.

Part 1: Practical test in Regulations and Procedures (Transmission)

Part 2: Oral Exam (VIVA) in (A) Regulation and Procedure B) Radio principles and practice

Part 1 100 Marks

Practical Test in Regulations and Procedure(Transmission)

Practical test will be conducted over a synthetic R/T circuit. Candidates will be required ,To use phonetic alphabets and general procedure for radio telephony working. Candidates will be required to carry out communication associated with Mobile and/Base stations.

Typical examples of what the candidates are expected to carry out are . Preparation of massages for transmission. Exchange of traffic, Use of priorities requesting direction finding assistance, obtaining meteorological information`s position reports, distress, urgency, safety and direction finding procedure.

Part 2 100 Marks

(A) Regulations and Procedure :-

(1) International Telecommunication Convention & Radio Regulations
(2) General and Aeronautical `Q` Code Signals and other abbreviations as contained in Annex 10 ( Vol I & II )of International Civil Aviation Organization
(3) General radiotelephony communication procedure and radiotelephony communication procedures for distress, Urgency and Direction Finding.
(4) Procedures for Distress Communication in Maritime Mobile Services
(5) Words and figures and spellings used in radiotelephony.
(6) Licensing requirement of installation and operation of radio apparatus used in aircrafts
(7) Minimum requirement of radio equipment to be carried on aircrafts as prescribed in Annex.
(8) Flight information regions in India and main radio communication and navigation facilities available together .
(9) Meteorological codes. Pre-flight briefing service and their usages.
(10)Knowledge of notices to airmen issued by the Civil Aviation Authorities in India as applicable to the Aeronautical Mobile and Air Traffic Control services

(B) Radio Principles

(1) Electrical units such as volt, ampere ,ohm and watt,
(2) Wavelength, frequency and their relationship.
(3) Elementary knowledge of radio frequency propagation, day and night frequencies ,skip distance, ground shadow and its effects on communication, choice of frequencies to attain maximum efficiency in handling air/ground HF communications.
(4) General knowledge of systems employed for air/ground communication including SELCAL operation, intercommunication and announcing systems of aircrafts : elementary knowledge of radio navigation aids, operation of microphones and headphones, squelch, AVC Volume control tuning of transmitter, simplex and duplex Operation, advantages and disadvantages of HF Radio Telephone communication, Imitations of rang due to frequency interference etc.

Note :-

1. RTR (Aeronautical) in The maximum marks in each Part- 1 and Part 2 are 100 and student has to get minimum 50 marks in each part for passing . Those student who do not get passing marks in part I will be considered failed in the R/T examination.
2. References for study are limited to Airmobile service requirements and allied regulatory matter.
3. We recommend that the students in their own interest study the functioning of a typical modern R/T installation on board a civil passenger aircrafts as also at the ground station.
The radio telephony operation`s restricted certificate is issued to the candidate who have given proof of the knowledge and professional qualification enumerated in the syllabus.

Job Opportunities:-

Radio officer is the main official in the operation department of an airline . The need of the trained officials is increasing rapidly . The job is very well paid also. Most of the officers get immediate recruitment in any of the airline . These is a very good scope for recruitment in the foreign airlines as well.

The Academy management has excellent contacts with various Air companies and their recruiting agencies . This is only training institute and does not give placement guarantee , Whenever the job opportunities will come . license holders students will be intimated about the vacancies as and when arise. There is an acute shortage of Radio Officers ( aeronautical) in the country and foreign

Some of the airlines where placements can be provided are:

01. IndiGo Airline
02. Air Deccan
03. India Air Lines
04. Jet Airways
05. Spice Jet
06. British Airways
07. United Air Lines
08. Thai Airways
09. Singapore Airline
10. Lufthansa Airlines
11. Air Canada
12. Air Lanka
13. Go Airways
14. Royal Jordanian Airline

Training Partners

Admission Open

Admission open written and interview based

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